24.03.2014 09:54

Pro trochu zvýšení světovosti vám přinášíme rozhovor s naším TOP hráčem v týmu "A". Je v původním znění bez titulků, tak hezky do toho:)

Na co se mě ten člověk ptá?:)

The quarterfinals is ahead of us, could you answer the following questions?

  1. How’s the beard growing? What a beard? J
  2. Does your better half like the beard? Not specialJ
  3. Some of us went skiing, I don’t know why you’re going so far for a bit of sun, but… did you have a good time? Very good like always
  4. Any message to our opponent? Or a comment on a previous match?  Very good idea with rogalski mixed doubles
  5. Now more seriously, are we going to play „Spin the bottle“ again? It’s Michael’s favourite game, he calls it a „warm down“ J  Unfortunatlly I didn’t manage to play in this gameJ
  6. This is going to be our fourth match, what have you learnt about your team-mates? Very good atmosfere in team, and fighting spirit in everyone!
  7. Are you looking  forward to the quarterfinals?  Semifinals?;p yes I am.
  8. Shall I plan it out for 8:0 again? Of course, no mercy!
  9. Any suggestions on the singles?  Dan is a Boss, ask him)
  10. What drink would you invite our opponents for? Jack Daniels
  11. Is there going to be our fan base? What would you say to them so that they come? This is KLADNO!!!


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